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Welcome to the official Shut Up and Dig Wiki.
This Wiki is a comprehensive reference written and maintained by 0 active contributors, along with the wiki's administration team.
We are currently maintaining 25 articles. Please browse and be sure to update any entries you feel need additions or clarifications.

About Shut Up And Dig

SUAD.jpg is a 2D Fantasy roguelike game. The main character is an elf girl - Eliza, who explores extremely dangerous underground world. All the elements of the magic game universe are connected with each other. The terrifying world you have to explore is full of powerful artifacts, secrets, demons, monsters and ghosts.

Beta version of "Shut Up and Dig" was released on November, 10, 2015 by publisher Atria Games Studio via Steam. This game was developed by Eugene Shcherbakov and Matvey Sakharovsky. News about the game you can be found in the Steam Store.

0.0.12 – December 6, 2015
  • Hunter's Knife deals half damage;
  • Fixed graphical errors;
  • Fixed several critical bugs.

0.0.11 – December 6, 2015
  • Added new character - Hunter!
  • Added new items
  • Changed the textures of items
  • Added new Chest...
Read more about 0.0.11